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Carbon Ceramic Window Tint



Looking for the best window tint in town? The Carbon Ceramic Package offered at Shine Tech will add heat protection, UV protection and style to any vehicle. If you are looking to protect your interior from UV rays, and more importantly your skin, then a good tint film is what you need to be protected.


Our Carbon Ceramic tint package is our most cost efficient package offered at our shop, and is a lot cheaper than the higher end ceramic tint package.  Manufactured by Rayno this is the first Carbon Ceramic package to hit the market.  Backed by a lifetime warranty, this film will reject more than half of the UV light that attempts to enter the vehicle. What does this mean for you?  It means that you’re skin is protected by an outer coat of film protection. Think of it as a permanent sunscreen for your windows that keeps your skin and your interior protected from premature aging, cracking and peeling.  


Trust our expert detailers to protect the things you care about.  If you spend a lot of time in your car tinting products are a great deterrent to UV skin exposure.  For a free quote on your vehicle, please click here.   

Protect your investment!