Ceramic Pro

CERAMIC PRO Lehigh Valley


Ceramic Pro acts like an additional clear coat for your vehicle, using nano-technology to help protect your vehicle’s paint from scratches, dirt, debris and more. Any surface scratches in the coating are easily removed with heat or light polishing which will not weaken the integrity of the original clear coat. And with Ceramic Pro your paint won’t fade or age due to the UV protection in the coating. Wax and paint sealants are short-term protectants, but time constraints and busy lifestyles make it hard to keep your vehicle regularly maintained. Without a coat of wax every 5 to 6 weeks or a sealant application every 90 days, the paint becomes vulnerable. If the vehicle is rarely washed or waxed the damage can accumulate to the point that some car owners believe the cloudiness is inevitable in an aging vehicle, and worse, that it is irreparable and requires a respray, costing $4,000 to $6,000 or more.

If you’ve been thinking of upgrading from wax, you will be blown away by Ceramic Pro. Here at Shine Techs, our packages range from semi-permanent Ceramic Pro Sport Package (lasting up to six months) to the Ceramic Pro Gold or Platinum Packages which will add scratch protection to your vehicle’s paint for a lifetime. Not only does Ceramic Pro protect your car’s paint, it also makes washing your car a breeze. After receiving any of the Ceramic Pro packages, maintenance for your vehicle will be as easy as 1-2-3 so your car can stay in its best condition at all times. The Ceramic nanoparticles fill in the smallest pores in the paint leaving the new surface shiny, smooth and extremely slick or hydrophobic, and essentially self-cleaning. Ceramic Pro dramatically lowers the surface energy, preventing environmental contaminants such as bird droppings, bugs, dirt, tar and graffiti paint from bonding to the surface. This self-cleaning effect is seen when water easily removes dirt from the surface by encapsulating it while rolling off the surface.

Whether you’re interested in an entry level package to help keep your vehicle clean, or scratch protection for life, we have a Ceramic Pro package that’s perfect for you!