Headlight Restoration

Have you noticed reduced visibility while driving at night?

Headlight Restoration & Protection

Most automotive headlight lenses are made of plastic. This plastic is perfect for enduring harsh road conditions without breaking. To initially protect them the manufacturers will coat them with a UV protected coating or film. Over time this protection breaks down from the sun’s UV rays, flying debris, dirt, and chemicals. If your headlights have started to become hazy or yellow then the oxidation process has started. Hazy headlights not only negatively affect the look of your vehicle but they are also a safety risk as they can reduce visibility by up to 50%.

Shine Techs expert restoration specialists will get your headlights looking like new again at a fraction of what a new set of headlights would cost. Once restored we recommend covering them with Xpel Paint Protection Film and/or a Ceramic Pro coating. We also offer updated/upgraded housing and lighting options if you want to give your vehicle a different or custom look.

Included in Package

  • Thoroughly Clean Lights
  • Wetsand if needed
  • Compound and Polish
  • Recommend Protection Options
The best way to protect your investment!