Cars & Coffee Lehigh Valley

Looking for automotive-themed activities in the area? Cars and Coffee Lehigh Valley is a monthly meet at the Bethlehem SteelStacks where enthusiasts gather with cars, trucks and bikes of all makes, models and eras. This event has experienced such tremendous growth it’s now one of the largest gatherings in the northeast! Our team at Shine Techs has been detailing show vehicles and assisting with the show as its grown over the years, even prior to opening our current shop location. We’re proud to be affiliated with this event and excited to watch it grow. Enjoy a wonderful morning observing vehicles – from rare exotics to vintage to extreme mods. Stop by our tent and enjoy our work on many featured vehicles! We hope to see you there! (Video by Tiago Soares @tiagos_illmind)

RACEMOTIVE Racing Events

RACEMOTIVE is dedicated to hosting the nations premier roll-racing and standing half-mile events. They continually strive to provide customers with an experience catered to genuine automotive enthusiasts. This is not only a great venue to see many different makes and models going all out but it is also where you can see what your car can do without worrying about cops, tickets, and raised insurance rates. Shine Techs is an official sponsor of all RACEMOTIVE events, you will always catch us there providing our products, services, support and of course always participating in the races.

SlipStream Racing Events

Founded in the summer of 2012, SlipStream is built around one, single philosophy:  Get Out There & Race. SlipStream Racing Events came about as the brainchild of three friends who simply love to race. With that passion came the sense of competition and the rush of winning, but above all was the camaraderie that came as a result. In six years SlipStream built a following of individuals that have become more than just customers. Call them automotive enthusiasts, race junkies, or car nuts…we call them our friends & family. Shine Techs is an official sponsor of all SlipStream events, you will always catch us there providing our products, services, support and of course always participating in the races. Check out the video by @LazVlog718 from one of the recent events (You can see our GTR racing at 13:25).

MPACT Motorsports Festival

MPACT was created by an enthusiast for the enthusiast. The ultimate goal was to bring an event to the east coast that would offer more than the standard “car show” that we have grown accustomed to.  MPACT offers an assortment of activities to entice the senses and keep your heart rate up all day long. (don’t worry we do still have a judged car show w/ awards). Come see why MPACT is the largest growing event the east coast has to offer… You can spectate or participate in any of the following: NASA NE (HPDE) High Performance Driver Education Presented by Bilstein, 1800’ Side by Side Roll Racing / MPH Challenge, Sarli Motosports Drift Taxi, Burnout Contest, Judged Car Show or you can find an assortments of vendors offering a wide variety or products and services. Shine Techs is a proud sponsor of MPACT, you can always catch us at our vendor booth or participating in the race events. (Video by @bsaintmedia)

Hooked on Driving

Hooked On Driving is a community of people who love their cars, love to drive, and enjoy driving them in the controlled environment of a road course, while not competing.  Founded in 2004 as a high performance driving experience (HPDE), we enjoy driving our cars closer to their potential than is prudent on the public highways.  At Hooked On Driving, now fondly known as HOD, we encourage drivers young and old to learn more about the capabilities of their car, and develop a higher level of skill that comes from traditional highway driving. As a result, this group is more prepared for the really scary public highways!  HOD drivers share a common passion, amazing experiences, BIG FUN, great friends, and a hobby and/or sport for a lifetime.  We hasten to point out that HOD is NOT Hooked On Racing.  THIS is the thing…HOD is non-competitive, with drivers driving quickly and well, in an environment focused on safety first.  The result is the leading safety record in the HPDE industry, and customers who are having BIG FUN, rather than stressing on the ultimate lap time, or pushing too hard to pass that bully in the blue beast. Shine Techs has supported and participated in many of the HOD events since it started.

110 Club

The 110 Club started back in 2010 when a group of guys decided they were tired of going the speed limit in cars that could almost break the sound barrier.  The 110 Club comes from a time when the CEO first broke 100MPH barrier during a road trip to Vermont with a friend in his GMC Typhoon. The foot came off the gas, the speedometer read 110MPH and the 110 Club was born. So with that fond memory, the concept of driving your car to the max was conceived by simply having the race track experience without the racing. So they rented out New Jersey Motorsports Park one sunny Friday Spring day and The 110 Club was born.

Now in their 6th year and after 14 110 Club dates, they have grown into an elite driving experience that allows the average guy or girl to drive their high horsepower babies to the limit, all in a safe and controlled environment. They limit their entries to allow maximum track time and tons of fun. So whether it be at NJMP and Pocono Raceway, they provide you the opportunity test your driving skills which is sure to leave you grinning ear to ear and wanting more.  (Photo by @jcole_photo)

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