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Ceramic Pro Packages



In regards to Ceramic Pro Easton, there is no other paint protection like it in the market. Ceramic Pro uses nano-technology that will protect your vehicle’s paint from scratches, rock chips, dirt, debris and more. It is the best paint protection you can get for your vehicle period. Ceramic Pro comes with a full line of products from Ceramic Pro Light to Ceramic Pro 9H which is their flagship product and put Ceramic Pro on the map. The product will leave your car’s paint with a shiny finish while keeping it protected it from the outside elements. If you’ve been thinking of upgrading from wax, you will be blown away by Ceramic Pro. Here at Ceramic Pro Easton, our packages range from semi-permanent protection with the Ceramic Pro Sport lasting up to six months to the Ceramic Pro Gold that will protect your vehicle’s paint for a lifetime. Not only does Ceramic Pro protect your car’s paint, it also makes washing your car a breeze. After receiving any of the Ceramic Pro packages, maintenance for your vehicle will be as easy as 1-2-3 so your car can stay in its best condition at all times. Whether you’re interested in an entry level package or what protection for life, we have a Ceramic Pro package that’s perfect for you!