Appearance and Performance


Appearance, Performance, and Protection Upgrades

If you love your car and want to modify your vehicle’s appearance, performance, or give it some additional protection, our team at Shine Techs can help. Our experts can add or upgrade your exhaust system, radar detector system, lights, ECU, wheels & tires, wings, spoilers, ground effects, bumper kits, rear valance kits, and more!  Whatever upgrades you want to do to your vehicle, you can trust that our expert staff with over 20+ years of experience can get your car looking exactly how you want it. Come see us to get a free quote today.


Exhaust Systems

Upgrading your exhaust is another way to improve engine flow. Getting a performance exhaust system will also increase your vehicle’s horsepower and torque while often changing the way your vehicle sounds. Shine Techs is a reseller and installer for many different exhaust systems but our premier brand is Akrapovic. Established in 1990, Akrapovič is a Slovenian manufacturer of premium car and motorcycle exhaust systems. Replacing steel with high-quality stainless and the innovative use of titanium, the systems are known for their impact on performance, lightness, durability and sound.

K40 Radar Detectors

K40 has been creating the best radar detectors in the world since 1981 and we have been selling and installing K40 radar detector systems for over 20 years. That commitment to product excellence – coupled with the real-world expertise and dedication to service of the K40 team – is what keeps customers coming back again and again. You drive your high-performance vehicle the way it was meant to be driven. They get it. They built K40 around their customers – fast-lane drivers who expect the best. They deliver the best police radar detector and laser jammer systems in the world – backed by the kind of Five-Star care you expect and deserve. K40 offers systems ranging from dash top units to custom installed fully integrated 360 degree police radar and laser protection system.

To add to the fully integrated look we do not install the standard LEDs but rather install a radar mirror. Our custom K40 mirror system integrates custom directional arrows into your vehicle’s factory rear view mirror with oem quality precision and appearance.

Light Tinting

If you’re not just about protection , but also want to give your vehicle a unique look then our LightWrap premium quality cast vinyl film is for you. The film was specially developed for wrapping vehicle lights, chrome trim, mirrors, accents & trim with translucent effects, tinting the lens while letting light pass through. It offers exceptional dimensional stability and excellent long-term durability with excellent conformability and adhesion for use on smooth or contoured surfaces. The film is available in gloss or stealth light (45%), mid (24%), and dark (12%) smoke as well as light, mid, or dark carbon fiber, metal, star power, and honeycomb.


Whether you are looking to change the look of your existing lighting, upgrade the bulbs, or add additional lighting to your vehicle, Shine Techs is the place to go for all of your lighting needs. For headlights, fog lights, taillights, and side markers we can provide new housings, upgrade your bulbs to HID or LED, install Angel Eyes & RGB Modules, and even change the housing and lens colors. We also can install a wide range of additional lighting for any vehicle including trucks and SUVs.

Performance Upgrades

Shine Techs works with several different manufacturers when it comes to ECU upgrade and tuning solutions. The COBB Accessport is the world’s best selling, most flexible, and easiest to use ECU upgrade. It will unlock power hidden within the vehicle by replacing conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations. Follow the staged upgrade path with preloaded off-the-shelf maps or use custom mapping for any modification level. Stage Power or Drivetrain Packages along with our exhaust options will help you take your bolt-on power gains to the next level with minimal modifications.

Scrape Armor

Say goodbye to front splitter damage from steep driveways, parking curbs, speed bumps, parking blocks and more. Scrape armor was born after years of working to install aftermarket parts on exotic cars, when putting them on the lift they saw scrapes, gouges, mangled hardware, and costly damage that went undetected and untreated. Each Scrape Armor kit is designed and manufactured in the USA at a facility in Bellevue, Washington. Every inch and curve is specifically designed for a perfect fit to the exact make and model of your vehicle. Scrape Armor backs all of its products for as long as you own your car, if you manage to wear any of their protection panels to half of its original thickness they will send you a replacement. Shine Techs is a premier dealer & installer for Scrape Armor products, let us help you protect your vehicle today.


Whether its suspension for your high performance vehicle, or your truck, Shine Techs can get it done. We offer and work with a wide variety of manufactures such as Bilstein, Dinan, Eiback, Fox, H&R, HKS, K&W, Litchfield, ReadyLift, SPC, and Tanabe who offer coil-over kits, lift & leveling kits, reinforcement bars, shocks, struts, springs, and suspension kits. The vehicle’s suspension is the interface between the tires and the body in motion. If the suspension can control and optimize the body in motion and tire grip while smoothing road impacts and driver input, then the vehicle goes faster and has a better ride quality.

Wheels & Tires

Shine Techs offers almost every combination of wheel & tire manufacturer there is, including Advan, BBS, BC Forged, CCW, Dinan, DUB, Enkei, Gram Lights, HRE, Konig, Momo, Motegi, Niche, OZ, Rays, Rotiform, Savini, SSR, Strasse, TechArt, TSW, Vorsteiner, Weld, Work, and XD. Whether it is for your daily driver, race car, sport utility vehicle, or work truck, we have you covered. We will help you select the perfect combination that will not only make your vehicle stand out but will match or increase your vehicle’s performance over the factory installed wheels and tires.

We will not only provide you with your wheel and tire package, we can also have them properly balanced as well as help keep them protected and easy to clean with our Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper Package. When completed we can also have your car aligned to make sure you get the best balance of performance and longevity out of your tires. Visit our Interactive Wheel Fitment Guide to check out some of the products we offer.

Wheel Protection

AlloyGators sit between the wheel and tire and protrude slightly over the wheel rim. The rounded edge of the protectors absorbs the impact from curbing and pothole edges, protecting alloy wheels from scratches and dents. AlloyGators reinforce tire wall strength and absorb the impact from curbs or pothole edges, helping to protect tires against punctures. They are made from high quality plastic and are durable and resistant to all weather conditions. Consistent color is maintained throughout the product, which means that the color is fully maintained after damage has occurred. These are also a great solution to covering up existing damage if you don’t want to have to replace or refinish your current wheel. If you’d like to avoid costly alloy wheel refurbishments, buy your AlloyGators today!

Wings, Spoilers, & Body Kits

If you’re looking for a shop who can enhance the look or performance of your vehicle by adding a new spoiler, bumper, hood, fenders, side skirts, trunk, rear diffuser, wing, or a complete body kit, then Shine Techs is your answer. Not only can we provide you with some ideas that best match the look you want, we will source, paint (if needed), protect, and install them as well. We work with almost all manufacturers including: Amuse, APR, Brabus, Hamann, Kahn Design, Liberty Walk, Mansory, Mopar, N-Tune, Novitec, Overtake, Password JDM, Prior Design, RevoZport, Rexspeed, Rocket Bunny, Seibon, Stillen, Tag Motorsports, TechArt, Tommy Kaira Rowen, TopCar, Top Secret, Varis, Veilside, Vertex, Vorsteiner, Wald Int., Zele, and many more.

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