Concours Preparation


Exterior & Interior Concours Preparation Package

Concours preparation is our top of the line detail. It is customized for each vehicle and tailored to the owner’s specific needs, goals and expectations, while considering the vehicle’s current condition. It can range from a thorough exterior/interior detail to a major restorative service.

Our exterior detail starts with a thorough and meticulous top-down, two-bucket hand wash of all painted surfaces including door jambs. The clay bar method will be used to further decontaminate your vehicle’s paint of embedded debris. Multiple polishing steps are then used to remove the remaining defects such as swirling, marring or water spots as safely as possible. If needed, our technicians will also utilize wet sanding to remove any remaining defects, and then polish to restore the paint’s clarity, gloss and shine. If you’ve been thinking about a Ceramic coating to protect your show car, we highly recommend the Concours preparation to get your vehicle into its best possible condition prior to Ceramic Pro application.

Also included in this package is a complete engine bay detail, the cleaning and restoring of headlights and taillights, polishing of all metal surfaces including exhaust and wheels, and the cleaning and dressing of tires.

The interior detail will include a thorough vacuuming of the carpets and floor mats, with extraction as needed. All glass, trim, vinyl, textile and leather will be cleaned and conditioned with appropriate products.

Included in Package

  • Vehicle hand washed then dried with a blower
  • Claybar decontamination
  • Multi-stage paint correction
  • Door jambs cleaned and polished
  • Headlights and tail lights restored
  • All exterior trim surfaces washed and dressed
  • Exhaust tips and metal surfaces washed & polished
  • Interior and trunk thoroughly vacuumed
  • Floor mats cleaned and protected
  • Interior trim and vinyl wiped down and protected
  • Leather cleaned and conditioned
  • Interior glass cleaned using microfiber towels
  • Engine bay cleaned and protected
  • Wheels hand washed and polished
  • Tires cleaned and dressed
The best way to protect your investment!