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Ceramic Tint



Our Ceramic Window Tinting package is the top of the line tint package that we offer. This is a beefed up fully ceramic version of the Carbon Ceramic Tint package and is catered to the individual who wants the most ultraviolet and infrared protection around.  We highly recommend this package to any client interested in a tint package as it will block more than 90% of ultraviolet and infrared rays.  This in turn will keep your skin, interior and dash from unnecessary carcinogenic solar rays. Aside from the practicality and health benefits that window tinting provides, you also get added flare and customization from these tint films.

Ceramic Window Tinting films add flare and customization to any surface that it is applied to.  The tint shades range from 5% to 50% meaning that the lower the percentage of light blocked, the darker the tint.  If you want to block the most amount of sunlight, you should choose a tint film that has a low number. Once you apply tint film to your vehicle, you will immediately notice how much cooler it is in your car during those hot summer days in Pennsylvania.  You’ll no longer jump in your car after a day out and make those grimacing faces when your skin comes in contact with the dark leather interior. For a free tint quote for your vehicle, please click here.