Auto Detailing Specialty Packages

Remove Dents with Paintless Dent Repair

Has your beloved car been hit in a parking lot or the neighbor’s kids game of softball landed on your bumper? Don’t worry. At Shine Techs we offer paintless dent repair that will restore your vehicle back to its original condition. If you have any dents or dings on your car from other people’s doors hitting you, damage from hail or more, our experts can manipulate the metal behind the dent to make the dent unnoticeable. This could save you thousands if you were considering replacing your bumper or door to fix the dent. With over 20 years of combined experience, our technicians are experts at repairing your automobile and getting it to look its best. Adding bondo or repainting can decrease the value of your car. Our paintless dent repair is the best value to restore your car back to its original condition. Our team will work with you to evaluate the situation and figure out the best solution to remove your dents at a great value. Get a free quote here for our paintless dent repair package.



Paint and Restoration

Our Painting and Restoration package will leave your car looking like you got a brand new paint job! If your vehicle’s paint has severe damage that can’t be fixed with our paint chip repair package, don’t worry. Our technicians at Shine Techs have over 20+ years of combined experience and are experts when it comes to body paint. We’ll get your vehicle’s paint back to its original factory color perfectly matched. Whether you want to fix the bumper of your car that has scratches and paint chips or do a full car paint restoration removing swirling and marring for your vehicle’s exterior, let us help take care of your car at Shine Techs. If you’re interested in our Clear Bra or Ceramic Pro packages, we’ll do paint correction before applying any of the paint protection film or ceramic coatings. Whether you want to fix a portion of your car that’s been damaged or do a full upgrade on your vehicle’s paint, our technicians can get your car looking as good as new with our Painting and Restoration packages.

Included in Package

  • Exterior Car Wash and Cleaning
  • Single Stage Paint Correction
  • Removal of Swirling and Marring
  • Detail and Shine Wheels and Tires

Powder Coating

Powder Coating is an excellent option to coat your wheels! Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied as a free-flowing dry powder to a portion of your vehicle. Then we electrically charge the powder and the pieces will stick to exposed portion of your car creating a coating over the exterior. Then we put it in an oven to bake which provides a much more durable coating than paint that lasts much longer. If you recently purchased a new car that has silver wheels, but you’d prefer black or matte black or gloss, powder coating is an excellent option for you! When it comes to powder coating, our technicians are experts that are dedicated to providing the best service that Lehigh county has to offer. We perform powder coating typically on wheels as well as brake calipers giving you the most durable paint coating that looks amazing. Come see us today and get a free quote to see if powder coating is right for you.


Caliper Painting

Caliper Painting is an excellent value! If you want to coat your vehicle’s wheels or brake calipers to get them to black from silver or add a bit of color, than Caliper painting is perfect for you. Our technicians are experts when it comes to caliper painting and can perform caliper painting at a very economical rate. If you’ve purchased a new car with silver wheels, but really want matte black, then let our technicians at Shine Techs paint it black for you.


Line-X is an extremely durable, protective coating typically applied to trucks and bedliners to protect your vehicle from the harshest of elements. When is comes to applying Line-X, our technicians at Shine Techs are experts. If you drive a truck, you know how easy it can get dirty with dirt, debris, grime and more. Line-X is an excellent option to keep your vehicle is great shape. We can coat the bottom of a truck, the bed of a truck, the tailgates and more. Line-X is the best protection you’re going to get for these areas of your vehicle keeping your truck protected from the elements.

Appearance / Performance Kits

If you love your car and want to refresh your vehicle’s appearance, our team at Shine Techs can help. We can add LED lights, spoilers, ground effects, bumper kits, rear valance kits, headlights, taillights are more. Our experts can also update your car’s appearance by upgrading its spoilers, wings, body kits and more. Whatever upgrades you want to do to your vehicle, you can trust that our expert staff with over 20+ years of experience can get your car looking exactly how you want it. Come see us to get a free quote today.


Let Us Fix Your Paint Chips

When it comes to paint chip repair, our technicians at Shine Techs are experts. If you’ve been driving on the road and rock chips have chipped your paint, don’t worry, we can fix it. We know how the elements out on the road can damage your vehicle’s paint. That’s why we highly recommend getting one of our Clear Bra or Ceramic Pro packages to protect your car’s paint for the long haul. Paint chipping can be upsetting and ruin the aesthetic of your vehicle. Bring your car to see us at Shine Techs and we’ll fix your paint chips from minor to severe. We can fill in minor rock chips or do a repaint on damaged areas for more severe road rash and damage to get your car looking as good as new. Whatever condition your vehicle is in, bring it in to Shine Techs and let our expert technicians get your vehicle looking as good as it did when you drove it off the lot.

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