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Ceramic Pro Lehigh Valley

Ceramic Pro is a game changer for protective paint coating in the automotive industry. At Shine Techs we are certified installers of Ceramic Pro. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading from wax, you will be amazed with Ceramic Pro. It uses nanotechnology to protect your vehicle’s paint from scratches, bugs, rock chips, dirt and debris and more. It has a self-healing effect that will keep your paint looking its best even after sitting out in the sun’s UV rays. After receiving any of our Ceramic Pro packages, washing your car will become a breeze with its hydrophobic coating. We offer several different Ceramic Pro packages ranging from the Sport which comes with a 6-month warranty to Bronze that comes with a 2-year warranty, the Silver that comes with a 5-year warranty, Gold that comes with a lifetime warranty and Platinum for the ultimate in paint protection and includes a lifetime warranty. We can also do Ceramic Pro coatings on select parts of your vehicle including the engine bay, suspension and wheel and caliper. We service motorcycles, homes, marine and aviation with Ceramic Pro too. It is hands down the best ceramic coating for paint protection in the industry.


Car Detailing Lehigh Valley

When it comes to car detailing, our technicians at Shine Techs are experts. With over 30+ years of combined experience, we live and breathe auto detailing. We know how important your car is to you and that’s why we want to make sure it looks its absolute best when we’re done with it. We take great pride in providing top quality service and you’ll be able to see that with our detailing packages. We offer a range of detailing packages from our exterior detail, interior detail, paint correction, concourse and engine bay. Whether you want to come in for a thorough wash getting your car looking fresh or you want a paint correction removing any swirling or marring on your car’s paint, let our experts take care of you. You’ll drive away feeling as good as you did when you first drove your car off the lot.

Clear Bra is going to give you the most durable paint protection for your vehicle. This paint protection film layers onto your vehicle’s exterior protecting it from scratches, rock chips, dirt and debris. Clear Bra is the best surface protection that will prevent rock chips from scratching your vehicle’s paint. Our technicians at Shine Techs are experts when it comes to installing Clear Bra. We custom cut the paint protection film to perfectly fit every section of your vehicle. We offer several different Clear Bra packages including: Partial Kit, Full Front Kit and Entire Vehicle. If you’ve been thinking about getting paint protection for your car that will provide the ultimate protection, than Clear Bra is perfect for you.


When it comes to window tinting, our team at Shine Techs are experts. Window tinting can protect you from the sun’s UV rays while providing style and privacy. At Shine Techs we offer three types of window tint: High Performance Tint, Ceramic Tint, and Medical Ceramic Tint. We use high performance and ceramic tint films provided by Xpel. These films come with a lifetime warranty from delamination, yellowing, bubbling and more. We choose to work with Xpel because of their amazing heat rejection track record. Each of these packages will provide you with the best color stability without sacrificing any color clarity and offering you the best heat protection so you’ll use your A/C much less.